Module poodinis.autowire

Contains functionality for autowiring dependencies using a dependency container.

This module is used in a dependency container for autowiring dependencies when resolving them. You typically only need this module if you want inject dependencies into a class instance not managed by a dependency container.

Part of the Poodinis Dependency Injection framework.


autowire(container, instance) Autowires members of a given instance using dependencies registered in the given container.
globalAutowire(instance) Autowire the given instance using the globally available dependency container.


AssignNewInstance UDA for annotating class members to be autowired with a new instance regardless of their registration scope.
Autowire UDA for annotating class members as candidates for autowiring.
OptionalDependency UDA for marking autowired dependencies optional. Optional dependencies will not lead to a resolveException when there is no type registered for them. The member will remain null.